Colchester Farm  
Annual Report
Community Supported Agriculture  

Board of Directors

Charlotte Staelin Ph.D., Pres.
Chester Valley Mediation Service

Wayne Bell Ph.D., Vice Pres.
Washington College

Jennifer Dindinger, Sect.
MD Center for Agro-Ecology

Joseph Rogers, Treas.

Andy Andrews
Pennypack Farm

James Constable Esq.
Wright, Constable & Skeen, LLP

Rob Etgen Esq.
Eastern Shore Land Conservancy

Carla Martin
Kent County Planning

John Vail
Sassafras River Association

Jennifer Hicks
Positvie Force Consulting

Ivey Mask
CSA Member

Carl Gallegos, Ph.D.
CSA Member

Stuart Cawley
Wye Research and Education Center

CSA Manager
Theresa Mycek

"Locavore" is the New Oxford American Dictionary's 2007 Word of the Year.

A new trend became popular this past year-the locavore movement. It is a movement that encourages people to buy locally-grown food at farmers' markets or to grow and pick their own food, arguing not only that fresh, local food is more nutritious and tastes better, but also that it is more environmentally friendly because less resources are used in transportation. It brings together eating and ecology, allowing anyone to make a positive impact on the environment with their food choices.

But you already knew that, right? Every year in our member survey, the main reason our members give for participating is for local produce and to support local agriculture. Whether eating local is a popular trend or not, that is what we are dedicated to here at Colchester Farm because it makes sense. As a farm on the Eastern Shore, we are committed to remaining a working farm and providing wholesome food for the benefit of our community and environment.

Charlotte Staelin has taken the important first step of securing the future of Colchester as a working farm by enrolling it in the Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation (MALPF). This means the farm can never be a subdivision or developed for housing or commercial use.

This past year, we as an organization have been looking at what the farm has to offer to the community and how best to bring the farm and community together. We have been carrying out a feasibility study with money granted to us from the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority. Our board of directors has also taken the time to focus on strengthening our organization: we defined our mission, vision and values (see inside), discussed key issues and questions facing the CSA, and made plans for the future. We want this organization to be self-sustaining both environmentally and economically.

Christina at the Chestertown Farmers' Market We are a community supported operation and hope we offer as much as we are given. We've received much support and encouragement from the community-from our members, neighbors, local schools, organizations and business, and more. This year Colchester Farm CSA received an Eastern Shore 2010 Achievement Award in recognition of our "initiative, courage, integrity and dedication in leading the way toward growth and development in harmony with the Eastern Shore's rural lands and ways of life" presented by the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy and a certificate signed by Senator Barbara A. Mikulski acknowledging our "outstanding commitment, tireless effort and leadership for Agriculture Viability to the benefit of the environment and the future of our beloved Eastern Shore."

Thank you all,
Theresa Mycek, CSA Manager

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  Annual Report Prepared by
Theresa Mycek
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Updated February 5, 2011