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Oral History Project

In 2008 Charlotte Staelin and Kackie St. Clair interviewed and filmed several people who grew up in and around the Sassafras River and Georgetown, Maryland. Four of the people we interviewed were in their eighties: Kitty Baxter, Connie Berg, Earle Chance, and Tom Wamsley. Jimmy Wilson and his wife Marilyn were in their sixties. We wanted to hear their stories and share them with other people. To the greatest extent possible, this volume allows you to hear their stories in their own words.

Colchester Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CFCSA) received a small grant from the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority to help with filming and transcribing.

Many thanks are due to Theresa Mycek, Manager of CFCSA in Georgetown, Hannah Mask of Dover, DE, and Florence Sutton of Chestertown, MD for transcribing these interviews from video tapes.

As historian and interpreter I have tried to relay these memories as accurately as I am able. Like all oral histories I expect these will be added to and corrected over time.

Charlotte Staelin, Ph.D.
Georgetown, MD
June, 2009

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