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Colchester Farm CSA Pick Up Details

In 2017, we plan to have three locations where shareholders can select their share of produce in a farmers' market-like setting and two locations where pre-boxed shares will be delivered / dropped-off. We ask our CSA shareholders to choose one pick-up location which will remain constant throughout the season. Please read on to learn more about these options.

Pick-up Locations:

Kingstown Farm Home and Garden Center
7121 Church Hill Road, Chestertown, MD 21620

Tuesday 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

We set up our distribution site under the shade of trees next to the larger parking lot adjacent to the garden center.

Colchester Farm
31285 Georgetown Cemetery Road, Galena, MD 21635

Thursday 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Turn off route 213 onto Georgetown Cemetery Road, which is paved. You'll pass a home on your left, and a cemetery on your right --- the road transitions rather quickly from paved to a dirt road. The turn onto Georgetown Cemetery Road is a right hand turn if you're heading south on Rt. 213 from Cecil County; a left hand turn if you're heading north on Rt. 213 from Galena. The dirt road leading back to the farm is a single lane; you may need to pull off to the side of the road to let someone else by. We ask that you drive slowly to reduce damage to the farm lane, and because the farm lane, despite our best efforts, is uneven and frequently riddled with potholes. Drive carefully! When you come to the end of the farm lane, you'll see a white house in front of you. At this point, take a right hand turn and drive towards an old silo. Turn left just after the silo and head towards a large red equipment shed. There is parking in front of the shed facing towards the goat pasture fence. Bathroom facilities are available. Click here to see a map of Colchester Farm.

Chestertown Farmers' Market
Fountain Park, Chestertown, MD 21620

Saturday 8:00 am to 10:00 am

We will offer a limited number of CSA shares for pick-up during the early hours of the Chestertown Farmers Market. We understand that a weekday afternoon isn't convenient for everyone; the farmers market pick-up option is meant to accommodate those who couldn't participate in the past due to their weekday schedules. We will plan to harvest enough to have a good selection for shareholders, plus additional produce to sell to market goers. Though the farmers market runs from 8am-12noon each week, we recommend shareholders selecting a farmers market pick-up option arrive early for best selection, since we will sell our produce to non-shareholders that day.

General pick-up instructions:
Please arrive at your pick-up location during the designated time-frame. If you arrive early, we are unlikely to be fully set-up; we ask that you wait until we indicate it's ok to begin selecting your vegetables.

When you arrive at your pick-up location, please:

  • Park in a reasonable location so you are not obstructing traffic;

  • Sign in with the CSA manager, or one of our friendly apprentices or volunteers;

  • Remember to bring your own bags or boxes; we are always happy to assist you with your vegetables, but we cannot guarantee we'll have anything for you to put your produce in. We accept donations of plastic and paper bags that we can make available for other CSA shareholders to use;

  • Each bin or cooler of produce will be labeled with the name of the crop and the amount that constitutes a unit. Some items will be bunched or pre-boxed, while other items you must weigh yourself; scales are provided. Usually, you can take more than one unit of a given vegetable. However, at times, when supplies of a given vegetable are limited, we may limit that item to one unit per CSA shareholder in an attempt to make it available to all shareholders;

  • Please leave pets in your vehicle;

  • Feel free to ask questions. We will always have someone available to help explain our pick-up system and answer any questions you may have.
Missed Pick-ups:

If you go on vacation or know ahead of time that you will not be able to pick up your share, you can either send a friend or neighbor to pick up your share on your designated day or you can arrange ahead of time to pick up at the alternate pick-up location that week. Please call or email the farm manager at least 24 hrs in advance so that we can plan accordingly.

If you do not manage to pick-up your share (you forgot, something came up, etc.), you may not collect your share on a different day. We are unable to hold produce for you to pick-up another day --- please only pick-up on your designated day unless you've made explicit arrangements with the farm manager.

Boxed Shares:
On a harvest day, before making produce available to shareholders at our pick-ups, we pack boxes for delivery to CSA shareholders at various drop-off points. Unlike CSA shareholders who come to one of our three market-style pick-up locations, shareholders with boxes are not able to choose which produce makes up their share each week. However, just like all CSA shareholders, you would receive the correct number of units based on your purchased share size each week; Colchester Farm CSA staff packs your box carefully and thoughtfully and varies the selection each week based on what we have seasonally available. Please pick up your box the same day it is delivered for best quality.

Please remember to bring back the box in which you received your share the previous week. We expect to reuse all boxes. Help us prevent waste and keep costs down --- return your box!

Drop-off locations:
Living Well Pharmacy in Middletown, DE
(723 N. Broad Street, Middletown, DE 19709)
Boxes will be delivered Wednesday mornings and will be available to pick up 11am-7pm.

Dover, DE
(The home of Patrick and Jennifer Gallagher: 23 Crossley Drive, Dover, DE 19901 (Pennwood Development)
Boxes will be delivered Saturday mornings and will be available to be pick up starting at 8 am.

Colchester Farm | P.O. Box 191 | Georgetown MD 21930 | (at 31285 Georgetown Cemetery Rd)
Updated November 22, 2016