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2017 Crop List

Here is our crop list for the 2017 season.

This year, we ordered our seeds from seven companies: FedCo, High Mowing, Osborne Seed Company, Johnny's Selected Seeds, Seed Savers' Exchange, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, and Tomato Growers Supply, and our ginger "seed" comes from Biker Dude Puna Organics. We buy organic seed when available and a mix of heirloom, open-pollinated and heirloom varieties. We do not use GMO seed. For all of you gardeners and other curious folks out there, here is a list of the varieties we plan on growing this coming year:

  • Arugula
  • Basil - eleonora, lime, red rubin, and thai
  • Beans - cosmos, gold rush, jade, maxibel, provider, royal burgundy, and strike
  • Beets - red ace, early wonder tall top, shiraz, bolder (gold variety), and chioggia guardsmark (candy-stripe)
  • Bok Choy or Pac Choi- joi choi (large white-stemmed), and shuko (baby, green-stemmed)
  • Broccoli - blue wind and green magic
  • Broccoli Raab - quarantina raab
  • Brussels Sprouts - hestia and diablo
  • Cabbage (green) - farao (an early maturing variety), storage no. 4, Kaitlin
  • Cabbage (red) - ruby king, super red 80
  • Cabbage (savoy) - des vertus savoy
  • Cabbage (Chinese or napa) - bilko and minuet
  • Carrots - bolero, danvers, jeannette, jerada, mokum, napoli, and a rainbow mix including Johnny's rainbow mix, atomic red, purple haze, and deep purple
  • Cauliflower - snow crown and denali
  • Cauliflower (romanesco) - veronica
  • Celeriac - mars and balena
  • Celery - tango, tall utah, and calypso
  • Cilantro - santo and calypso
  • Collards - vates
  • We decided not to grow sweet corn this year.
  • Cucumber - general lee, marketmore 76, little leaf (pickling), and lemon (specialty round, yellow)
  • Dill - bouquet
  • Edamame - tohya
  • Eggplant - clara, dancer, nadia, orient charm, orient express
  • Fennel - preludio and orazio
  • Flowers - daisies, yarrow, and zinnias
  • Garlic (all hard neck varieties)- Spanish roja, music, German extra hardy, chesnok red, siberian, russian Giant, and italian rocambole
  • Ginger - organic yellow Hawaiian
  • Herbs - chives, sweet marjoram, greek oregano, rosemary, sage, and thyme
  • Kale - black magic, lacinato, red Russian, and winterbor
  • Kohlrabi - winner
  • Leek - lancelot
  • Lemongrass
  • Lettuce Mix including forellenschluss, red sails, red salad bowl, rouge d'hiver, salad bowl, waldmann's, and winter density
  • Lettuce (heads) - adriana, bronze arrowhead, cardinale, concept, green star, italienischer, nancy, oscarde, pirat, red salad bowl, rouge d'hiver, salad bowl, salvius, skyphos, winter density
  • Melon (cantaloupe) - athena, halloa, and Hannah's choice
  • Melon (specialty varieties) - dove (white-fleshed ananas)
  • Mesclun - mizuna, green wave mustard, red giant mustard, red pac, ruby streaks mustard, tatsoi
  • Okra - Clemson spineless
  • Onions - borettana cipollini onions, purplette (early, mini red), sierra blanca, red long of tropea (or red torpedo), cabernet, monastrell and cortland
  • Onions (scallions) - evergreen hardy white, white spear and guardsman
  • Parsley - dark green Italian and double curled
  • Parsnip - andover
  • Peas - penelope and premium (shell), oregon sugar pod II (snow), Cascadia and sugar ann (snap)
  • Peppers - carmen (red Italian), flavorburst (yellow bell), orange bell, islander (purple bell), new ace (early red), yankee bell (red bell)
  • Peppers (hot) - aji amarillo, anaheim, ancho poblano, caribbean season pepper, fish, jalafuego jalapeno, hot portugal, lemon, long red cayenne, red habanero.
  • Potatoes - amarosa (red fingerling), carola, dark red norland, gold rush, magic molly (purple fingerling), purple viking, red gold, red pontiac, and satina
  • Radish - French breakfast, watermelon, daikon
  • Rutabaga - laurentian
  • Shallot - camelot
  • Spinach - avon and escalade
  • Squash, Summer and Zucchini - golden glory (yellow zucchini), dung, jackpot and raven (dark green zucchini), tigress (green zucchini), multipack (yellow summer squash), zephyr (summer squash), and lucky eight (light green, round zucchini)
  • Squash, winter - delicata, New England pie pumpkin, baby pam pumpkin, pinnacle spaghetti squash, sweet dumpling, tiptop pmr acorn, and burpee's butterbush and waltham butternuts
  • Sweet Potato - beaureguard, bonita, bunch porto rico, o'henry, garnet, and japanese sweet potatoes
  • Swiss Chard - bright lights
  • Tomatillo - cisneros grande
  • Tomatoes, red - cosmonaut volkov and jet star
  • Tomatoes, cherry - black cherry, honey drop, pink princess gene pool, sungold, supersweet 100, yellow mini,
  • Tomatoes, heirloom - aunt lillian's yellow, azoychka, black krim, Cherokee purple, goldie, green zebra, nebraska wedding, Paul Robeson, pineapple, pruden's purple, purple calabash, rose de berne, soldacki, white wonder
  • Tomatoes, paste - gilbertie, roma VF, san marzano
  • Turnips - hakurei, gold ball, and purple top white globe
  • Watermelon - early moonbeam (yellow-fleshed), petite yellow, orange orchid (orange-fleshed), and quetzali (dark pink-fleshed)


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    Updated January 18, 2017