Staff of Colchester Farm CSA

We are currently looking for apprentices for the 2017 season. If you are interested, more information can be found here.

2016 Season
From left to right: JT, Amy, Chris, Jasmine, and Katie

JT Hipp, Summer Apprentice
Amy Gee, Full Season Apprentice
Chris Freeman, Full Season Apprentice
Jasmine Davidson, Full Season Apprentice
Katie Speicher, Summer Apprentice
Sam Betley, Assistant Manager
Theresa Mycek, CSA Manager
This is Theresa's eleventh season as manager of Colchester Farm CSA. She first joined Colchester as assistant manager in 2005 after completing two apprenticeships on organic farms in Pennsylvania and New York. Before that Theresa served in the Peace Corps in Guatemala after graduating with a B.S. in Biology from Gettysburg College.

2015 Season
From left to right: Sam, Amanda, Thelonius, Jo'el, and Kathy

Theresa Mycek, CSA Manager
Sam Betley, Assistant Manager
Thelonius Cook, Full Season Apprentice
Kathy Thornton, Full Season Apprentice
Jo'el Whitehead, Full Season Apprentice
Amanda Borror, Summer Apprentice

2014 Season
From left to right: Keifer, Emily, Taylor (holding Glory), Cathy, and Kate

Theresa Mycek, CSA Manager
Taylor Schuman, Advanced Apprentice & Education Coordinator
Emily Causey, Full Season Apprentice
Keifer Russell, Full Season Apprentice
Cathy Kelly, Summer Apprentice
Kate Leier, Summer Apprentice

2013 Season

From left to right: Mey, Sarah, Cara, Matt and Janaki

Theresa Mycek, CSA Manager
Janaki Patel, Assistant Manager/ Education Coordinator
Janaki (with a long a on the first syllable, as in chard) joins us this year as the new Assistant Manager and Education Coordinator, and is excited to combine her two passions: working with youth AND vegetables! Prior to joining CFCSA, she completed two apprenticeships on organic farms in Illinois, and served for five years as a Field Science Educator with Naturebridge in Yosemite National Park. Born and raised in an immigrant family in central Illinois, she grew to appreciate the traditional cuisine of her heritage, where plant-based food takes center stage. Janaki holds a B.S. in Biology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and is a certified Wilderness First Responder. You can reach her at: education (at) colchesterfarm (dot) org.

Mey Bun, Full Season Apprentice
Matthew Littlejohn, Full Season Apprentice
Cara Wagner, Full Season Apprentice
Sarah Miller, Summer Apprentice

2012 Season
Theresa Mycek, CSA Manager
Austin, Assistant Manager
Aaron Rogachevsky, Full Season Apprentice
Abby Ferla, Full Season Apprentice
Kayla McDaniel, Apprentice

2011 Season
Theresa Mycek, CSA Manager
Adrianne Witkowski, Full Season Apprentice
Zoe Abram, Full Season Apprentice
Colleen Hotchkiss, Summer Apprentice
Sarah Cohen, Summer Apprentice

From left to right: Zoe, Colleen, Sarah, Adrianne and Theresa

2010 Season
Theresa Mycek, CSA Manager
Aaron Shier, Assistant Manager
Sophie Slesinger, Apprentice
Nathan Wendte, Apprentice
Michael Wessel, Apprentice

2009 Season
Theresa Mycek, CSA Manager
John Arbuckle, part-time CSA staff
Amanda Formica, Apprentice
Tess Jones, Apprentice
Shelby Laubhan, Apprentice
Aaron Shier, Apprentice

2008 Season
Theresa Mycek, CSA Manager
Ali Linthicum, Apprentice
Carey Page, Apprentice
Matt Jones, Apprentice
Rachel Arenas, Apprentice
John Arbuckle, Apprentice

2007 Season
Theresa Mycek, CSA Manager
Natalie Comfort, Apprentice
Christina Bell, Apprentice
Emily Richardson, Apprentice
Shannon Holste, Apprentice
John Arbuckle, Apprentice

2006 Season
Theresa Mycek, CSA Manager
Sharon Bidaure, Apprentice
Eleanor Mathis, Apprentice
Hope Clark, Apprentice
Shannon Holste, Apprentice

2005 Season
Andy Andrews, CSA Manager
Theresa Mycek, Assistant Manager
Allie Welsh, Apprentice
Lauren Maloney, Apprentice
Mike Hardesty, Volunteer
Nico Armstrong, Volunteer
Jordan Atanat, Carpenter

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