2013 CFCSA Member Survey Summary:

We get a lot of valuable feedback from our members during the season at the weekly pick-ups and through email, but each year we also carry out an end-of-season survey of our members which helps us reflect critically on the past season and think about changes we should implement in the coming year. We greatly appreciate receiving responses from our members who took the time to share their thoughts. Here is a summary of the results.

2013 CFCSA Survey Summary

Of the 162 memberships that were asked to provide feedback, 87 respondents participated in the survey (54%). Therefore, the summary below represents the opinions of just over half of our total membership. (In 2012, 86 out of 155 members or 55% completed the survey.)

Member Loyalty

24.1% are new memberships (32.6% in 2012)
18.4% are second year members (27.9% in 2012)
33.3% have been members for the past 3-5 years (29.1% in 2012)
24.1% have been members for greater than 5 years (10.5% in 2012)

88.2% plan on returning (78.3% in 2012)
02.4% (2) are not returning (4.8% in 2012)
09.4% (8) are unsure (16.9% in 2012)
02.3% (2) skipped the question (3.5% in 2012)

In 2013, of the 8 respondents that gave reasons for not returning:
4 reasons were tied for most cited at 37.5% or (3 people):

  • "pick-up site is inconvenient"
  • "pick-up time does not fit into my schedule"
  • "the share does not provide the variety of vegetables I prefer"
  • "other" (write in responses included: "planning on starting my own garden" (stated by two people) and "Middletown is convenient but being unable to pick the produce is a disadvantage"
Second most cited at 25% (2 people) was "the share is too big"
Third most cited at 12.5% (1 person) was "too expensive"

In 2012, of the 17 respondents that gave reasons for not returning:
35.3% responded "too expensive"
23.5% responded "pick-up site is inconvenient", "pick-up time does not fit into my schedule", "I will be out of town frequently" and other

Members Interests

In 2013 "desire for fresh produce" (95%) was ranked highest followed second by "desire for locally grown produce" (90%) and tied for third were "desire to support a local farm" (79%) and "knowing where and how your food was grown" (79%).

In 2012, "desire for locally grown produce"(83%) ranked highest with "desire for fresh produce"(82%) in a close second.

Nearly every survey item provided as a "reason that you chose to participate" was deemed either extremely important or important (same as in 2012).
"Desire for less expensive food" ranked lowest and "desire to try new foods" was second to last. "Expense" was identified as extremely important by 20.9% (20.8% in 2012), important by 40.7% (41% in 2012) and neutral by 27.9% (34.9% in 2012).

Children's health was roughly 20-30% across all levels of ranking, as indicated by the comments, this may be closely representative of the number of members with children. (It was similar in 2012.)

20.3% (15) of respondents expressed "interest in volunteering to support the CSA" (same as in 2012).

  • 76.1% are interested in cooking classes (69% in 2012)
  • 43.5% are interested in food preservation classes (48.3% in 2012)
  • 19.6% are interested in children's activities (24.1% in 2012)
  • 32.6% are interested in field days featuring organic farming techniques (34.5% in 2012)
  • 37% are interested in farm tours (29.3% in 2012)
Variety of Crops

The variety, also, was well complimented. Several crop requests included the addition or expansion of some offerings including *asparagus, summer squash and zucchini, winter squash, leeks, cucumbers, Brussels sprouts, tomatillos, collard greens, sweet corn, broccoli, and some others. New varieties requested that we don't currently grow: artichokes, lima beans, fruit (berries).

*some varieties have or would have been offered and either growing conditions did not fair well (eg. leeks and squash) or their season did not fall in the calendar of CSA (eg. brussels sprouts).

Future Possibilities

When asked about interest in a winter share, 82.5% (66 respondents) were interested:

  • 52.5% (42 people) said they were interested only if they could choose what they received,
  • 30% (24 people) were interested even if it was a pre-packed box of produce,
  • 17.5% said not interested,
  • 7 skipped question.

When asked about switching the Friday pick-up to Saturdays, 26 people answered the question and 50% (13 people) said they would still participate, 15% (4 people) said no, and 34.6% (9 people) said they didn't know.

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