Youth Programs

Program Goal: To foster awareness of the interconnections between personal and environmental health by providing Kent County K-12 students and beyond with positive and engaging outdoor learning experiences within the classroom of Colchester Farm.

All school programs are conducted by an experienced environmental educator, who will work with teachers to determine the best type of program to fit their needs. For more information, contact the Education Coordinator at education (at) colchesterfarm (dot) org.

Grades K-8

Each program's content can be tailored to individual classes, and will provide students the opportunity to observe, explore and investigate the following topics:

Life Sciences & Ecology
Behaviors, Adaptations, and Interactions of Organisms
Food and Energy
Natural Resources & Humans

Earth Science
Rocks & Minerals
Weathering & erosion
Water cycles

Grades 9-12

Areas of Study (choose from 1 of the following areas for a half-day program, or 1-2 for a full-day program):

1. Ecology (food webs, population dynamics, place-based natural history, plant/crop reproduction, predator-prey relationships, adaptations, resource use, biodiversity) Related stewardship activities: river biomonitoring, invasive species removal

2. Watershed Studies (non-point source pollution, crop observations in context of foreign inputs, erosion) Related stewardship activities: river biomonitoring, river chemical testing, riparian zone litter pick-up)

3. Agriculture, the Environment, and People (topics: crop diversity, soil quality, pests and diseases, farm inputs and their effects, food system models) Related stewardship activities: river chemical testing, assorted manual farm projects (planting, mulching, weeding)

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