Smart Short Term Investments

Smart Short Term Investments

So you’ve finally decided to save some money and accumulate some wealth? Maybe you are looking for some smart long term investments to grow your nest egg? You’ve decided that short term investments aren’t your cup of tea because you believe that they pose a greater risk to your wealth creation.

The recent boom times in the worldwide stock markets have led people to believe that investing is easy and fortunes can be easily made in the short term. But you know deep in your heart that long term is the way to go for you. So you’ve settled upon the long term investment arena. What exactly are you looking for?

Smart Long Term Investments

Well smart long term investments include stocks (shares), real estate, bonds, mutual funds and superannuation. There are also these instruments called self-funding instalments on the Australian Stock Market Exchange. Any combination of the above would contribute to a wise long term investment strategy.

Putting money into hedge funds and structured funds could be a wise strategy to cap downside risk in a cost-effective way. It is widely known that real estate and stocks were at bargain prices in the past. Are the stocks of today also at bargain prices?

Smart Real Estate Investments

Are the real estate prices at bargain prices today? These are questions you have to ask and research when you look to smarter long term investments. Stocks have gone gangbusters over the past few years – is there going to be a correction soon? Will you be ready to scoop up the wreckage? Real Estate prices are high, but there is evidence of a slow down and a little decrease in prices – as interest rates are pushed higher by the economic boom, the mortgagees are finding it harder and harder to maintain their loan. Some are even throwing in the towel. Are you buying up on these bargain basement houses.

If you want to be a smart investor, a smart long term investor you must think bigger picture. That is the secret. Analyse and think big and be ready to pounce when the opportunity comes around.

Specialist Fund Market (SFM) Should not be Underestimated

The Specialist Fund Market (SFM) is not so popular marketplace for allocation of investments. Many non professional investors are not aware of its potential too. Due to the sophisticated nature of financial instruments traded on SFM it remains often out of the sight of the ordinary investor. Why is that so and why specialist funds should not be underestimated as an investment alternative?

SFM is a marketplace mainly for specialist closed ended investment funds with main its participants being institutional, professional and knowledgeable investors. On the floor of SFM is traded wide range of highly specialised funds, including: hedge funds, both single and multi-strategy, specialist geographical funds, private equity funds, funds with advanced structures or security types. Traded are specialist property funds, infrastructure funds, sovereign wealth funds and single strategy funds as well.

Public Restrictions of Fund Markets

In the public space, specialist investment funds are pretty often presented like inaccessible for the average investor financial instrument. The main reason for this opinion is the fact that sometimes, there are restrictions for non professional investors to allocate their funds in some financial instruments, traded on SFM. Seems, this could be a strong argument many years ago, at the dawn of the specialist fund market.

Recently, a lot of investment advisors offer to non professional investors accesses to SFM. Further more, looks like the specialist funds become more and more popular due to their one important feature.

Each fund offers specific to the individual demands and attitudes towards the risk of investors opportunity. Respectively, investors who will to jump in an investment opportunity with high risk may do so, choosing hedge funds with expected higher return. Those who prefer to litigate the investment risk may choose specially designed for this purposes financial instruments.

Fund Market Main Advantages

Another advantage of the Specialist Funds Market is that it supplies many opportunities for achieving higher returns than these that mutual funds and other classical financial instruments may offer. In addition, on SFM are traded many innovative and non standard financial instruments, which allow investors access to some practically unattainable for them markets.

The Specialist Fund Market (SFM) offers not only financial innovation. It makes possible social responsible investments too. If you think that you need an advise or more information you can write to or arrange a meeting with Alec Maclaren, financial adviser with more than 20 years experience in the field.

Medical Marijuana Card

California Senate Bill 420 gives medical marijuana patients the ability to carry a certain amount of medicine on their person as well as grow and maintain a regulated number of cannabis plants in their homes. However, without easily identifiable certification of your Green Cross Evaluations recommendation, law enforcement can hold you in violation of the law.

Because of the conflict between federal and state laws regarding marijuana possession, it is very important that all medical users carry a medical marijuana card in San Diego, CA. If you cultivate plants without a medical cannabis license, you are liable to be arrested for breaking federal law. That is why all those who wish to partake in medical marijuana should obtain a card from us here at Green Cross Evaluations. For a small fee, we can create a legal marijuana card for you to keep in your wallet while carrying your medicine.

Medical Marijuana Card

While police departments in most major California cities recognize that there are many people who own a medical marijuana license that is not portable, they still have the legal authority to bring you into custody until you provide proof of your medical right to use. To avoid inconveniences like this and make dispensary visits faster, you can purchase a medical cannabis card from Green Cross Evaluations. Our cards will protect your legal right to carry your medicine with you, so schedule an appointment for yours today!

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Who is an expert? When you create your free profile with our website, you will be asked to identify your areas of expertise. You can claim to be an expert in any field you want. We also have our resident experts which are members of our staff.

Medical Marijuana Evaluation

When you come to us for a medical marijuana diagnosis, we will ask you what health issues you are hoping to treat with the medicine. Once we know what symptoms you are trying to alleviate, we will decide whether or not a medical marijuana prescription is right for you. Most patients we see receive a trial recommendation after their first visit so that they can test the waters before purchasing a yearlong recommendation. We will inform you about the nearby dispensaries and the various forms of medicine you can purchase.

Medical Marijuana Evaluation

If you think that a medical cannabis prescription could benefit you, come see us at Green Cross Evaluations. As one of the few clinics that provide you an informative medical marijuana evaluation in San Diego, CA, we guarantee that we will answer any questions you may have about this unique medicine. It is our passion to help our patients find relief from their symptoms. We want to make sure that we address any concerns that you may have about your medicine. Arrange an evaluation with us today to start finding relief!

In California, gaining the legal right to possess and use marijuana is as simple as visiting a clinic such as Green Cross Evaluations that offers medical marijuana evaluations. During the process of the evaluation your health conditions will be assessed to determine if your health can benefit from cannabis use. Though medical cannabis is legal, you still need a physician’s recommendation to use it.

This website was built for supporters of weed, as well as those against the movement of legalizing marijuana. It is a place to share opinions in a civilized manner. All articles and answers are screened by our panel of experts. We do not want people misinformed, and we also do not want to publish material which is inappropriate.

So many times, there is a need to educate yourself. For many of us, the education is for the full experience of getting the most out of smoking marijuana. What movie should I watch? What songs should I be listening to? Do any famous people smoke? Who started the whole movement of marijuana? These are great questions that many of us have and it was time to create a community in which these and many other critical issues were addressed.

Potency of Marijuana

Marijuana Farming

All strains of cannabis have different levels of potency. The potency of marijuana is determined mostly by the genetics and the growing conditions. If a potent strain is not given the love it needs during the grow process it will not reach its THC level potential. On the other hand if a low potency strain is given a lot of love while growing it can gain higher levels of THC. But you will have much better chances if you choose seeds from a strain that is known to be very potent.

Potent Marijuana Strains

Some of the most potent strains of marijuana are staples of medical marijuana clinics and seed banks. These popular strains have been praised by smokers and growers for there positive growing traits and weed potency. One of these potent medical grade strains is a new hybrid by the name of White Russian. This strain was bred from the extremely powerful cannabis strains White Widow and AK-47. When this plant is ready to flower it oozes with white THC crystals that give you a preview of the intense potency.

White Russian has THC levels at an estimated 22%. This is a very green plant with light green buds and dark tropical leaves. It will produce a high yield of around 2 to 3 ounces per plant. The high from White Russian comes on fast with heavy hitting indicia effects that will last for several hours.

Another extremely potent cannabis strain is Purple Diesel. This hybrid plant was bred from the popular strains NYC Diesel and Purple Oregon Thai. The Thai influence gives this strain its beautiful purple and white color. Purple Diesel is a sativa dominant strain that can be grown in any environment. It will produce large plants with amazing yields of 4 ounces per plant.

Potent Marijuana Buds

The buds are fat and condensed with colors of green, red, and purple. This strain has a high potency of marijuana chemicals with THC levels as high as 19%. Purple Diesel provides a powerful sativa high that is perfect for morning or afternoon smoking.

One of the most potent strains of marijuana available today is Herijuana. Its name comes from the intense indica effects that can only be described as weed heroin. This is a medical grade cannabis strain that was developed for the treatment of pain and nausea associated with cancer. Herijuana has incredible marijuana potency, with THC levels of 25%.

It is a remarkable strain of medicinal cannabis that is perfect for a wide variety of mental and physical conditions. Herijuana cannabis is excellent for the treatment of depression, insomnia, migraines, headaches, poor appetite, and chronic pain. The high is immediate and overwhelming, if something can be overwhelming in a good way. One or two hits will do the job for even the most experienced smokers. This strain is not a good choice for novice smokers, who might be freaked out by a monster like this. Herijuana is just another example of the amazing marijuana potency that is possible with advanced breeding and cultivation techniques.

Self Invested Personal Pension

Why Self Invested Personal Pension Schemes (SIPPs) will further be attractive?

The freedom to invest in diverse variety of assets and possibility to manage your own retirement savings over time are the two main advantages of Self Invested Personal Pension Schemes (SIPPs). These two simple characteristics allow SIPPs to be always attractive for investors.

Self Invested Personal Pension Schemes are relatively new matter for pension planning theory, regulation and even as investment opportunity. They have been first presented in 1989 and stencilled then with the meaning of pension schemes for the rich people. This common name has been created due to the high risk associated with these schemes.

Nowadays, the high demand on SIPPs and their qualification as a preferred investment tool for pension, show the significant changes in investors’ behaviour and taste for risk.

SIPPs are tools that offer to investors higher flexibility where their pension savings are invested. Any UK resident (or anyone who plans to reside in UK for not less than five years) and who is over the age of 18 has the right to invest in SIPPs.

Why Self Invested Personal Pension Schemes are different than the other schemes?

They allow the investor to invest in such instruments, like shares (international and local), commercial and individual property, government securities, insurance trusts, insurance company funds, bank society deposit accounts and even in exotic investments.

Usually, the first warning to investors in SIPPs is that they should understand that growth is not guaranteed. Although, the rule for the direct proportion between the higher risk and higher earnings leads some investors to choose SIPP and not other schemes.

People choosing SIPPs want to control and manage their own investment choices.

Apart from all aforementioned risks it is good to mention that SIPPs are object of strict financial regulation and investors’ protection. The initiation, marketing and management of SIPPs are under supervision of the Financial Conduct Authority. They are also subject of regulation by The Pensions Regulator.

Furthermore, in case of failure of the SIPPs operator, investors are compensated by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Well with a good financial plan linked to your specific needs we will be able to show you how to prosper even in such an environment. You will still be able to achieve most goals. It will be possible for you to invest for long term growth for your retirement using equities in areas with higher GDP growth. It is also possible to invest your savings and receive rates in excess of 8% and at the same time keep your capital secured with the correct research anything is possible.

Colchester Farm

Colchester Farm

Community Supported Agriculture Project (CSA)
Twenty-two weeks of pesticide-free, locally-grown vegetables, marijuana farms
May-October 2006

WELCOME TO OUR FOURTH SEASON. And thank you to the CSA Core Group who helped make it possible!

Again this year we are providing fresh, local, organically-grown vegetables to Kent, Cecil and Queen Anne’s County residents. We have increased our membership to 98 members (up from 65 members last year) and are no longer taking memberships for the 2006 season. If you are interested in trying out our CSA, we encourage you to enroll early next year in January and February to receive fresh vegetables all summer long.

What do we grow?
Available this season are flowers, herbs and a wide a variety of vegetables, ranging from basil and brussel sprouts to turnips bamboo and zucchini, with carrots and green beans and snow peas in between. Complete list with photos List without photos

Share Sizes

We have three share sizes again this year, a small (or single) membership share for $210, as well as our medium (or half shares) for $310 and our large (or full shares) for $460. Returning members get a $15 discount; everyone who signs up by the end of March also gets a $15 discount. (This means no cost increase for our stalwart supporters).

Pick-up and Delivery Options

Vegetables will be available for pick-up fresh once a week for 22 weeks, May to October. Click for details.

How the CSA works

To learn more about how the CSA works this year, click here.

For more information please contact us at

Where and How to Buy Legal Marijuana

There are several places to buy weed these days, whether you live in a state with medical marijuana or have to buy it underground. There is definitely more stress involved in the later, but in the face of corrupt legislation you do what you have to do. Places you can buy marijuana include marijuana dispensaries, online seed banks, drug dealers, friends, or fellow stoners. Some are more ideal than others obviously, but where there is a weed, there is a way.

State Laws for Buying Legal Marijuana

Most states that allow medical marijuana have pot dispensaries set up where patients can buy legal marijuana. If you have a prescription you can find a variety of high-grade marijuana strains at these places. This is the best thing to happen for marijuana in decades, but it is still restricted to medical patients and only available in a handful of U.S. states. It is also common for medical marijuana states to allow patients to grow their own weed at home.

In that situation you can buy weed seeds online from an online seed bank. You can choose from a variety of popular weed strains, that come with detailed instructions on their cultivation and care. This is currently the only way to buy weed online and it’s the cheapest way to get your marijuana.

The oldest way to buy marijuana is from a friend or dealer. If you don’t have a prescription or live in a state where marijuana is illegal, this is still the only option available. Weed smokers like to network, and if you know someone who smokes they most likely know someone who sells pot. The safer of the two is buying from friends.

The longer you have known them the better. The same is true when it comes to drug dealers. If you have an old friend that sells pot, there is very little risk in buying from them. If you are buying from someone you just met, there is a much higher risk involved. In this situation you will just have to trust your instincts and don’t do anything stupid. If something feels wrong about the person or the situation, there could be a problem.

If you don’t have a prescription and don’t know a friend or dealer with weed, you may have to resort to more drastic measures. This is often a problem for people visiting or moving to a new city. In order to buy weed you’re going to have to make that first connection in the weed network. This is another good time to let your instincts be your guide. Spotting a stoner in a crowd is not really a hard thing to do. The hard part comes from approaching them.

You have to make sure they are not freaked out by you. Weed dealers generally do not come up to strangers and offer them drugs, cops do that. So casually asking someone where the weed is at should not set off too many alarms. It happens all the time. Especially if the person in question is wearing a tie dye shirt with a giant weed leaf on it. Potheads are very courteous for the most part and if they can’t help you they’ll let you know. If they can, then your problems are over.

Finding places that sell Legal Marijuana

There are many places to buy weed and some are safer than others. Until weed is decriminalized for everyone there will still be some risks involved in the process. If you follow your instincts and avoid shady situations you can easily stay out of trouble.

With names like Canna Cola, Doc Weed, Sour Diesel, and Grape Ape, individuals who have been prescribed cannabis by their doctor will be able to slap down $12 to $15 for a bottled soft drink that contains “somewhere between 35 to 65 milligrams” of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, according to Scott Riddell, founder of Diavolo Brands.

The new soft drink line is not the first to bring medical marijuana to the market in soda pop form. Riddell notes, however, that the new marijuana beverages, which will contain lower levels of thc than many others that are available, will be the “light beer” in a field of higher proof products.

Medical marijuana has been shown in scores of studies to be an effective treatment for a wide range of health issues, including symptoms of cancer, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, epilepsy, posttraumatic stress disorder, and neuropathic pain, among others.

Avoiding the Investment Bubble

Hardly anyone talks about real estate these days without uttering the word, “bubble.” Sure, there’s the contrarian view. And that view says, “When everyone believes something will happen, that’s when it won’t.”

But the contrarian view is certainly not infallible. Why, back in the late 90s, even old Greenspan said stock market investors had “irrational exuberance” coming out of their ears. And despite that and repeated market warnings involving the word, bubble, stocks still “popped” with a vengeance. Which brings us back to real estate. And gold.

According to a CNN Money article, “there are about 15 markets (in the U.S.) that are vulnerable to a housing market correction. These represent about 35 percent of gross domestic product, the broadest measure of the nation’s economy.” “A significant correction in consumption spending in these states is bound to have significant effects on national growth,” said Thomas Helbling, an economist at the IMF in Washington.

So…if housing does come tumbling down around us, given the dollar’s weakness, what might the outcome be? No one knows for sure. Logic says it won’t be pretty. And you’d probably be foolish to start riding a “Good Times Ahead” bubble. That’s one bubble that’s likely to have an extremely short life span.

Given the activation of our inbred sense of caution — a wise gift from our Creator, by the way — we should take full advantage of gold’s ability to head north even when everything else is heading south. Things could always be worse: Imagine not having an investment that heads north when everything else is heading south.

Mother of all bubbles

“Bubble talk” is all around. Usually talk like this is the result of some market going up indefinitely or irrationally. Or both. We stand alongside the presumed bubble, shake our heads and make grave pronouncements.

But that doesn’t mean the bubble isn’t about to pop. Take real estate, for example. Probably the most notable of real estate bubbles is found in California. Any housing market that’s 40% higher than it was two years ago probably qualifies for “bubblehood.”

Even so, the “mother of all bubbles” is not real estate. According to Tocqueville Asset Management’s John Hathaway, “the mother of all bubbles” is the U.S. Treasury market. And he has some scary things to say about it. “Rising nominal interest rates in U.S. Treasuries will inflict severe collateral damages on subsidiary bubbles, including housing. He believes gold is positioned to vault ahead of troubled currencies soon. Especially since gold supplies are “extremely, extremely tight.”

Medical Marijuana Doctor and Clinic

So you qualify for medical marijuana treatment and are wondering if you require a certain type of physician. Finding a medical marijuana doctor is getting easier and easier everyday. Many sites have directories specifically designed to assist you in finding the right doctor in your area. Here are a couple of things to consider when looking for your new doctor.

Finding a Medical Marijuana Doctor

On the contrary, the clinic you choose for your evaluation could have a huge effect on your ability to buy and sell with dispensaries as well as your legal status regarding medical marijuana use. For a solid evaluation backed up with professional documentation, come to Green Cross Evaluations. We can set you up with a medical marijuana card that will work across the state.

People who have been searching for a trustworthy medical cannabis doctor need to keep a few things in mind. First of all, one must consider the price of the evaluation because it has many implications about how quickly it will be performed. Secondly, one must learn about the medical cannabis physician working at any given clinic so that they can verify his or her level of professionalism. Finally, the location of the clinic must be easily accessible. We land in the perfect middle ground for all these categories.

Finding a Medical Marijuana Clinic

A medical marijuana clinic is a great option to consider when looking for the right doctor. You will have a larger selection of qualified doctors to choose from and more flexible scheduling options for your appointments.

One can find many medical marijuana clinics simply by looking in a newspaper or searching the Internet, but many of these businesses are only in it for the quick money. Here at Green Cross Evaluations we promise to provide you with a medical marijuana physician that cares about your health and will go the distance to make sure you get the recommendation and documentation that you need for proper legal access to medicine. Swing by our clinic today and ask us about our prices for evaluations!