Medical Marijuana Card

California Senate Bill 420 gives medical marijuana patients the ability to carry a certain amount of medicine on their person as well as grow and maintain a regulated number of cannabis plants in their homes. However, without easily identifiable certification of your Green Cross Evaluations recommendation, law enforcement can hold you in violation of the law.

Because of the conflict between federal and state laws regarding marijuana possession, it is very important that all medical users carry a medical marijuana card in San Diego, CA. If you cultivate plants without a medical cannabis license, you are liable to be arrested for breaking federal law. That is why all those who wish to partake in medical marijuana should obtain a card from us here at Green Cross Evaluations. For a small fee, we can create a legal marijuana card for you to keep in your wallet while carrying your medicine.

Medical Marijuana Card

While police departments in most major California cities recognize that there are many people who own a medical marijuana license that is not portable, they still have the legal authority to bring you into custody until you provide proof of your medical right to use. To avoid inconveniences like this and make dispensary visits faster, you can purchase a medical cannabis card from Green Cross Evaluations. Our cards will protect your legal right to carry your medicine with you, so schedule an appointment for yours today!

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