Medical Marijuana Evaluation

When you come to us for a medical marijuana diagnosis, we will ask you what health issues you are hoping to treat with the medicine. Once we know what symptoms you are trying to alleviate, we will decide whether or not a medical marijuana prescription is right for you. Most patients we see receive a trial recommendation after their first visit so that they can test the waters before purchasing a yearlong recommendation. We will inform you about the nearby dispensaries and the various forms of medicine you can purchase.

Medical Marijuana Evaluation

If you think that a medical cannabis prescription could benefit you, come see us at Green Cross Evaluations. As one of the few clinics that provide you an informative medical marijuana evaluation in San Diego, CA, we guarantee that we will answer any questions you may have about this unique medicine. It is our passion to help our patients find relief from their symptoms. We want to make sure that we address any concerns that you may have about your medicine. Arrange an evaluation with us today to start finding relief!

In California, gaining the legal right to possess and use marijuana is as simple as visiting a clinic such as Green Cross Evaluations that offers medical marijuana evaluations. During the process of the evaluation your health conditions will be assessed to determine if your health can benefit from cannabis use. Though medical cannabis is legal, you still need a physician’s recommendation to use it.

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