Potency of Marijuana

Marijuana Farming

All strains of cannabis have different levels of potency. The potency of marijuana is determined mostly by the genetics and the growing conditions. If a potent strain is not given the love it needs during the grow process it will not reach its THC level potential. On the other hand if a low potency strain is given a lot of love while growing it can gain higher levels of THC. But you will have much better chances if you choose seeds from a strain that is known to be very potent.

Potent Marijuana Strains

Some of the most potent strains of marijuana are staples of medical marijuana clinics and seed banks. These popular strains have been praised by smokers and growers for there positive growing traits and weed potency. One of these potent medical grade strains is a new hybrid by the name of White Russian. This strain was bred from the extremely powerful cannabis strains White Widow and AK-47. When this plant is ready to flower it oozes with white THC crystals that give you a preview of the intense potency.

White Russian has THC levels at an estimated 22%. This is a very green plant with light green buds and dark tropical leaves. It will produce a high yield of around 2 to 3 ounces per plant. The high from White Russian comes on fast with heavy hitting indicia effects that will last for several hours.

Another extremely potent cannabis strain is Purple Diesel. This hybrid plant was bred from the popular strains NYC Diesel and Purple Oregon Thai. The Thai influence gives this strain its beautiful purple and white color. Purple Diesel is a sativa dominant strain that can be grown in any environment. It will produce large plants with amazing yields of 4 ounces per plant.

Potent Marijuana Buds

The buds are fat and condensed with colors of green, red, and purple. This strain has a high potency of marijuana chemicals with THC levels as high as 19%. Purple Diesel provides a powerful sativa high that is perfect for morning or afternoon smoking.

One of the most potent strains of marijuana available today is Herijuana. Its name comes from the intense indica effects that can only be described as weed heroin. This is a medical grade cannabis strain that was developed for the treatment of pain and nausea associated with cancer. Herijuana has incredible marijuana potency, with THC levels of 25%.

It is a remarkable strain of medicinal cannabis that is perfect for a wide variety of mental and physical conditions. Herijuana cannabis is excellent for the treatment of depression, insomnia, migraines, headaches, poor appetite, and chronic pain. The high is immediate and overwhelming, if something can be overwhelming in a good way. One or two hits will do the job for even the most experienced smokers. This strain is not a good choice for novice smokers, who might be freaked out by a monster like this. Herijuana is just another example of the amazing marijuana potency that is possible with advanced breeding and cultivation techniques.

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