Smart Short Term Investments

Smart Short Term Investments

So you’ve finally decided to save some money and accumulate some wealth? Maybe you are looking for some smart long term investments to grow your nest egg? You’ve decided that short term investments aren’t your cup of tea because you believe that they pose a greater risk to your wealth creation.

The recent boom times in the worldwide stock markets have led people to believe that investing is easy and fortunes can be easily made in the short term. But you know deep in your heart that long term is the way to go for you. So you’ve settled upon the long term investment arena. What exactly are you looking for?

Smart Long Term Investments

Well smart long term investments include stocks (shares), real estate, bonds, mutual funds and superannuation. There are also these instruments called self-funding instalments on the Australian Stock Market Exchange. Any combination of the above would contribute to a wise long term investment strategy.

Putting money into hedge funds and structured funds could be a wise strategy to cap downside risk in a cost-effective way. It is widely known that real estate and stocks were at bargain prices in the past. Are the stocks of today also at bargain prices?

Smart Real Estate Investments

Are the real estate prices at bargain prices today? These are questions you have to ask and research when you look to smarter long term investments. Stocks have gone gangbusters over the past few years – is there going to be a correction soon? Will you be ready to scoop up the wreckage? Real Estate prices are high, but there is evidence of a slow down and a little decrease in prices – as interest rates are pushed higher by the economic boom, the mortgagees are finding it harder and harder to maintain their loan. Some are even throwing in the towel. Are you buying up on these bargain basement houses.

If you want to be a smart investor, a smart long term investor you must think bigger picture. That is the secret. Analyse and think big and be ready to pounce when the opportunity comes around.

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